Make sure you can afford the loan you are getting and make sure you get exactly what you are after with your loan. This is a great way to go about getting the money you need for any reason you might have. If you use this type of loan you can get exactly what you need without much trouble and this is what an auto loan refinance can do for you.

Now, make sure you line up at least 3 lenders to apply to. Even though each will see the same credit report when you apply, each one has different credit thresholds for the different rates they offer.

When applying for a new home loan you might be charged application fees or establishment fees by your new lender. It is common for such fees to be charged by lenders to cover adminitration costs.

* Rate and Term Refinancing - refers to a change in rate and term of an existing loan or mortgage. It allows you to secure a lower interest rate, change the terms and go for a lower payment plan, without paying off any more additional debts

Bankruptcy is the last step for most people who are undergoing tough financial times. Many people fear that by declaring bankruptcy they will ruin their credit for the rest of their lives, but they find that they are able to begin rebuilding credit immediately after the bankruptcy becomes final.

John had taken a loan for $150000 in 1995 at an interest rate of about 16% annually for a period of 15 years. He recently heard of refinancing option and refinanced his loan. He managed to get a loan at just 12.5% annually. His earlier EMI payment of $2240 fell to $2000. Over the remaining 9 years of the loan he will stand to gain $20000. In fact, a few months later, John had been having some financial difficulties and approached us to help him further reduce his monthly payments further. Consulting a refinance expert he further extended his loan term to 30 years at 12.75% annual interest, thus reducing the yearly payment.

A home equity loan is also secured with the same property as your mortgage but with a cash-out refinance loan you obtain a single loan while with a home equity loan you keep your previous mortgage and obtain another loan securing it with the available equity. The interest only flavor of equity loans may provide cash and minimum payments but at the end of the repayment program you need to repay the whole loan's principal.

Although lowering your monthly mortgage payment is always attractive, don't let a slightly lower mortgage rate fool you. If you're not careful when thinking about a mortgage refinance, you could cost yourself more in expenses than what you save in monthly payments -- and not even know it. (Even with so-called "no cost" mortgage loans.) Refinancing a home loan has more to it than appears on the surface. Be sure to consult with a mortgage professional before getting yourself into something you can't reverse.